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Supplier to the automotive industry since 1993; Manufacturer of catalytic converters, diesel after-treatment devices and exhaust modules and systems with state of the art processes, a global footprint, and excellence in quality and reliability levels.

Katcon is a level 3 supplier for the diesel and gasoline, light and heavy duty EMISSIONS applications, on and off road, engine and power industries, with capacity and capabilities to service customer projects from concept to production using modern analysis and design tools globally.

In 2015, Katcon launched its new business unit, Advanced Materials which will design and manufacture lightweight composite components in order to help OEMs decrease mass and lower fuel consumption.

Our manufacturing model is based on installing capacity modules, integrating Modular Manufacturing, Modular Capacity, Just In Time (Zero WIP), Total Quality Systems, Flexible Labour, Horizontal Organization Structure and Outsourcing Systems, to service typical OEM assembly plants.

With a highly motivated team of professionals, ready to take on new challenges, in more than 15 countries globally, the final outcome is a customer-focussed, successful, profitable and synergetic company.

Started operations in 1993.

2001: GM Supplier of the Year in 2000 and 2001.
2002: Start of manufacturing plant in Venezuela to serve the Andean Region.
2004: Upgraded facilities to accommodate pipe bending/forming and complete exhaust system manufacturing, including mufflers and resonators.
2005: Reached 5 million catalytic converters shipped from Mexican plant.
2007: Katcon absorbed all of Delphi’s North America converter production.
2009: Katcon turns global and independent with the acquisition of Delphi’s Exhaust Business.
2009: Presence in Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Luxembourg, Poland, India, South Africa, Australia, and China.

2010: Ramp-up of design, analysis and engineering effort in Mexico and China.
2011: New manufacturing site in Australia.
2011: New manufacturing plant in Michigan, USA.
2012: Katcon enters into Joint Venture for creation of Katcon Korea. Business awarded already to new venture. New plant expected by 2014.
2012: New manufacturing site in Shanghai.
2012: Inauguration of new Katcon Institute for Innovation and Technology (KIIT) in Monterrey, Mexico.
2012: Katcon Australia receives GM’s Supplier of the Year award.
2013: Joint Venture with Detting (Chongqing, China) for creation of Katcon Detting(Chongqing) Emission Control Systems Co., Ltd. New plant expected by 2nd semester of 2015.
2014: Open Katcon’s Korea facilities.
2014: Joint Venture with Tata Autocomp to cater to the Indian automotive industry.
2014: Katcon Global launches Katcon Advanced Materials business unit in order to participate in the future of lightweight transportation with designing and manufacturing capabilities mainly in carbon fiber and other fiber reinforced plastics.
2014: Katcon India receives GM’s Supplier Quality Excellence Award.
2014: Katcon Mexico start operation 2nd manufacture plant.
2015: Katcon Advanced Materials starts to design and manufacture lightweight components for the automotive and aerospace industry.

The first 20 years…

  • From a simple, one-product, 5,400 square ft. converter canning facility in 1993, to multiple sites around the world.
  • From very basic welding and assembly processes to sophisticated manufacturing practices.
  • Able to engineer, design, simulate, validate and launch products for Gas and Diesel, light and heavy duty, on and off road, exhaust and emissions.
  • Multi-cultural, multi-national team devoted to our customers.


  • Brazil (2016)
  • Blonie, Poland
  • Daegu, Korea
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Monterrey, Mexico
  • Michigan, USA
  • New Delhi, India
  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Russia (2016)
  • Shanghai, China
  • Valencia, Venezuela

Design, R&D, Engineering

  • Luxembourg
  • Michigan, USA
  • Monterrey, Mexico
  • Shangai, China

Katcon has evolved from a small facility with niche products to a larger company that handles a wide variety of products and programs, from low volume specialized applications to large and visible programs.

At the same time, the company is still a flexible and focused organization that can service a variety of needs from customers.

The modularity of our plants guarantee smooth expansion, with manageable budgets; quick lead times, effective training and complete quality assurance processes.

Katcon is ready to continue growing its production volume.


Our quality performance has been outstanding, with an industry-low defective parts per million average.

  • 100% of new projects on time.
  • 100% responsiveness on quality issues.
  • QS9000 certified since 1997.
  • TS16949 certified since Q1 2006.
  • ISO 14001 certified since 2004.