Light Duty

Manifold Mounted Converters

Complete integration of catalytic converters to exhaust manifolds.
Specific insulation solutions to ensure an optimal under hood thermal management.

DOC Euro4 and Euro5 Warm Up

Wide variety of configurations of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) that adapt to complex packaging, durability requirements and underhood environments on customer applications

DOC+DPF aftertreatment

Diverse range of oxidation and filtering solutions for diesel engines, from light to heavy duty.

Catalytic Converters

Proven durable canning techniques
Over 30 million converters sold worldwide with excellent quality and warranty performance.

Advanced canning techniques.

Exhaust Manifolds

Cast Iron, Tubular or Clamshell Exhaust Manifolds. Full responsibility for design and supplier selection in particular for cast iron designs based on application specifications and optimization to ensure a precise A/F control.


Tube bending and forming capabilities for single wall and insulated pipes. Up to 6 inch CNC stainless steel bending.

GPF – Gasoline Particulate Filter

Complete research canning calculations on GPF´s concepts including Backpressure, Thermal Shock and Step Stress evaluation at our own Advanced Engineering Laboratory.
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Exhaust Systems

Full Exhaust System that incorporates formed tubing, resonators, catalytic converters, flex couplings, flanges, hangers, mufflers and tailpipes. Providing system solutions for emissions, thermal, back pressure, durability, noise requirements and aesthetics.

Heavy Duty


Optimization of urea injection flow and ammonia distribution for SCR catalysts.

Close Coupled After-treatment

K-Box – New compact all in one diesel after treatment system to meet stricter emissions and tighter packaging requirements. Read more

Fully Integrated Hot End

Full hot end including exhaust manifolds (cast iron, stainless steel tubular or clamshell designs), down pipes, flex couplings, under floor converters and diesel filters. Packaging and integration of all elements to meet performance and durability requirements.

Composite Materials

Exterior Body Panels (Class A)

• Hood Assemblies
• Side Panels
• Fender Assemblies
• Roofs
• Body Components
• Removable Hardtop Assemblies
• Tailgate Assemblies

Underbody Components

• Underbody Shields
• Fuel Tank Shields
• Under Engine Shields

Interior Body Panels & Components

• Engine Covers
• Climate Controls
• Center Console
• Center Stacks
• Multifunction Switches

Structural Components

• Bumper Beams
• Structural Members
• Spare Tire Hub
• Battery Module Covers