Katcon Inaugurates New Technical Center Facilities in Luxembourg

The company unveiled its new, state-of-the-art facilities in Luxembourg to customers, suppliers, authorities, and Katcon friends and families. With more than 100 guests in attendance, Carlos Turner (Katcon Global CEO) thanked all present and those that couldn’t attend for their continuous preference of Katcon as well as the support received during more than 4 years of Katcon presence in Luxembourg. Mr. Turner especially thanked the Luxembourg team and their families as well as special direct contributions to the project by Philippe Choisy, Denis Laurent and Ramon Tornambe to make this a successful transition to the new facilities. Also in attendance were Bernardo Turner and Jose De Nigris, Board Members of Katcon Global.

Katcon Luxembourg’s R&D Center has outstanding capabilities in product engineering, design and analysis, and provides program management and sales support to the company’s efforts in Europe and around the world. The new site is also equipped with a fully capable model shop for exhaust and after treatment solutions covering all phases of a customer’s program life cycle as well as internal R&D efforts.

This new facility is the latest one of a series of recent new site openings by the company that include: our new Melbourne, Australia manufacturing plant; a new manufacturing plant and technical center in Shanghai, China; a new manufacturing plant and technical center in Auburn Hills, Michigan; and the new Katcon Institute for Innovation and Technology (KIIT) in Monterrey, Mexico.

Katcon is a global supplier of exhaust and after treatment solutions for engines and vehicles. The company provides solutions for gasoline and diesel engines, on and off road vehicles, light and heavy duty applications. Katcon is your ideal partner to help you deal with exhaust and emissions challenges, from manifold to tailpipe.

For additional information on how Katcon Luxembourg can service you, please email the contact in your region:

In Luxembourg: Todd Fiebelkorn – todd.fiebelkorn@katcon.com
In the United States: Doug Patrick – douglas.patrick@katcon.com
In China: Guillermo Sepulveda – guillermo.sepulveda@katconchina.com