KIIT – Katcon Institute for Innovation and Technology

Located in the Technology Innovation and Research Park (PIIT), this park host research and development centers and creates a cluster of innovation. Based on our ambitious and technological project, we were given a privileged location.

Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Rapid prototyping and Test Cells are some of capabilities.



  • Katcon's Technical Center Hosts
  • Capabilities
  • Prototyping
  • Test Cells
  • Gallery

  • CAD and CAE Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Research and Innovation
  • Test Cells
    • NVH Semi-anechoic chamber
    • Engine Dyno Testing
    • EDS shakers for durability testing
    • Cold bending and Fatigue
  • Fully functional prototype shop
  • State-of-the-Art video equipment to monitor testing and prototyping remotely, an enhanced feature to aid and inform our Customers.

Finite Element Analysis
Abaqus / Ansys Mechanical
Cold and Hot Modal Analysis
Thermal and Thermo.Mechanical Analysis
Dynamic Stiffnes

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ansys Fluent and CFX
Flow Uniformity
Skin temperature analysis
Flow and Pressure Analysis

3D printing
Fully equipped model shop
Test Cells

Test Cells

Primarily Hot End Testing and Cold Bending
2 Electrodynamic shakers
3 Burners
One 400HP Engine Dyno
NVH chamber

Product engineering

Rapid Prototyping
Using CAD and 3D printing KIIT can develop a model in a few hours.

Wide variety of machines that allows us to have great flexibility.

  • Fixtures and Gages
  • CNC machining and Wire Cutting machine for fixture and tooling manufacture

Fixture development and robotized welding provide flexibility

  • Hot vibration test
  • Cold vibration test
  • Physical durability
  • Thermal Shock
  • Backpressure test
  • High cycle fatigue test
  • Low cycle fatigue test