European Technical Center located in Luxembourg serves complete EMEA region (Europe Middle East and Africa) and provides engineering support to whole Katcon organization.

Global Diesel Competence Center located in TC Luxembourg serves the global organization and cooperates with Universities, research partners and suppliers to develop innovative and efficient products and technologies tailored per Customer needs.




  • Product engineering
  • Sales and Program management
  • CAD Designers
  • CAE Simulations
  • Model makers






Key functional areas of Technical Center

  • Execution and Follow up of awarded programs
  • Advanced Development for new product and technologies
  • Analytical Development using state of the are software and hardware; CAD, CAE, GT Power
  • Prototypes preparation and control
  • Development, Test and Validation of Exhaust and Aftertreatment products
  • Support to the plant during implementation phase
  • End of life Verification and Benchmarking

Competences and Technology Overview

Catalytic Converters, Close Coupled Converters and DPFs
Fabricated, Tubular, Cast iron, Shielded, Encapsulated

Integrated Exhaust Systems
Muffler, Converter modules, Cold end systems, Hangers

Industrial Converters and Mufflers
Off road, Light duty

SCR systems
Canning, Injector housing, Mixer, Insulated tubes, Controller and integration

Canning Techniques
Stuffed, Clamshell, Spin-forming, Calibrated shells

Bent, sized and calibrated