China has become an extremely important market.  Katcon is developing a state-of-the-art technical center in Shanghai to fully support our Customers in that region.  Complete test facilities for converter testing are installed and ready to run.  Full exhaust system testing is being developed and expected to be fully operational by mid 2013.  Our engineering team has full capabilities to support any program from concept to launch which provides us with a competitive edge.


Katcon Shanghai local CAE capability:

  • Cold and Hot Modal Analysis
  • Thermal and Thermo-Mechanical
  • Dynamic Stiffness
  • Response analysis
  • Durability
  • Flow Uniformity
  • Skin temperature analysis
  • O2 sensor Flow and Pressure Analysis
  • SCR 2 phase flow analysis
  • GT-power acoustic analysis
  • CAD


SVCC converter
Advanced canning technology for tight packaging and overall cost reduction.

Turbo application converter
Turbo application converter from cast elbow, fabricated elbow and tube with encapsulated insulation converter.

Cast Manifold
Locally design for turbo engine with Ni-resistant material ideal for high temperature.

Tubular Maniverter converter
Multiple applications that address customer concerns of durability, thermal properties, and engine back pressure targets.

Fabricated manifold converter
Tight packaging on engine with reduced mass and high temperature resistant.

Complete Exhaust System

Shaker & Gas Burner Test Cell:

  • robotic welding
  • Hot end test for gasoline/diesel applications.
  • Hot vibration test
  • Physical durability test
  • Thermal shock test
  • Cold vibration test
  • Exhaust System Component and Joint Leakage Test
  • Muffler thermal shock
  • Resonator thermal shock
  • Exhaust system backpressure test

Local model shop support all current applications for China’s product development including:

  • Catalytic converter prototype
  • Tubular manifold converter
  • Exhaust system assembly
  • Test tooling


  • Tack, Tig and Semi Automatic welding.
  • Mechanical capability of grinding, drilling, machining, work bench etc.