Design & Engineering Capabilities

Katcon has the expertise to manage a program from concept to launch.

  • Full System Integration
  • Leverage on analytical Tools
  • Proven Validation Process
  • Engine Dynamometer


  • A more uniform flow will help to reduce cold start emissions, minimize the catalyst aging and improve the overall durability of the catalyst.
  • By minimizing the back pressure, flow uniformity will help improve fuel economy.
  • The flow through the exhaust manifold runners influence the exhaust temperature loss during cold starts.


  • Close coupled catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter designs must meet noise and vibration requirements.
  • Brackets will help to improve the stiffness of the assembly and increase the natural frequency to avoid any resonance mode during all engine operating modes.


  • The exhaust systems are subject to thermal cycling during the highly transient driving mode conditions.
  • Design and material selection must be optimized in a way to avoid cracks caused by thermal cycling fatigue.
  • Exhaust systems designer considers carefully the stiffness of the design to satisfy both low vibration requirement and plastic strain during thermal cycling.


  • Component tests
  • Physical durability
  • Cold vibration
  • Container thermal shock
  • Substrate thermal shock
  • Engine durability (e.g. thermal cycle)
  • Chassis and engine dyno emissions
  • Radiated noise
  • Pass-by noise simulation


  • Engine dynamometer testing for urea injection strategy optimization
  • Design solution testing in-situ performance demonstration
  • Mixer design test and optimization

NOx emission with SCR – ETC cycle