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Katcon is a global leader on Exhaust Systems, Thermal Insulation and Lightweight Composites components   We proudly serve the gasoline, diesel, hybrid and EV applications in markets such as motorcycles, ATV, construction/agriculture, On & Off highway, and light & heavy duty by offering high value add solutions on Exhaust Systems, Aftertreatment, Thermal Insulation, as well as exterior, interior and structural parts in a variety of Lightweight Composite technologies. Our world-class standards, impeccable engineering capabilities, strong commitment to quality, and global footprint, have positioned Katcon as a strategic and reliable supplier among the leading OEMs. Passenger Cars On and Off Road Heavy Duty ATV Motorcycles From concept to launch, Katcon has you covered…   Our Engineering and Development teams around the world are ready to understand your needs, transform them to valuable concepts utilizing the best CAD and CAE technologies, test, prototype and finally integrate the appropriate manufacturing solutions to execute your projects. Benchmarking Target Analysis Reliability Evaluation 3D Modelling Performance prediction Durability verification Pe [...]

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  Aviso de privacidad y manejo de datos personales Katcon Global, S.A. de C.V. (la “Compañía”), con domicilio ubicado en Manuel Ordóñez 601, colonia Centro, C.P. 66350, Santa Catarina, Nuevo León México, de conformidad con el artículo 15 y demás aplicables de la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (la “Ley”), hacemos de su conocimiento lo siguiente: Los datos personales que consten en la base de datos de la Compañía (los “Datos Personales”), serán tratados por la Compañía y sus subsidiarias, para llevar a cabo alguna o todas las actividades relacionadas con el cumplimiento de las obligaciones que deriven de la relación contractual o comercial, o bien, serán utilizados exclusivamente para dar cumplimiento a los distintos ordenamientos legales vigentes y aplicables en los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Asimismo, le informamos que sus Datos Personales no serán difundidos, distribuidos o comercializados de forma alguna. No obstante lo anterior, de conformidad con el artículo 22 de la Ley, usted tiene derecho de acceder, rectificar, actualizar y cancelar sus Datos Personales, así como para oponerse al tratamiento de los mismos, o bien, revocar el consentimiento que para tal fin se [...]
With sate-of-the-art-technology and an extensive collaboration network in Europe and North America

Katcon serves the advanced materials market by manufacturing lightweight components in a wide variety of composites. Our strong engineering capabilities allow us to participate in applications within passenger cars, light/heavy duty, on and off-road vehicles, ATVs and EVs.

We recognize that every challenge requires a particular, tailor-made solution. With different molding technologies and a strong engineering expertise, Katcon can support your projects no matter complexity, volume requirement, or stringent timeline. Exteriors/Closures

Static or removable roofs Tailgates or liftgates Hoods or Frunks


Frunk Trim Door carriers Luggage trims Cargo Systems


Radiator frames Crash bars Underbody shields Fender liners Cargo boxes


Oil pans Engine covers

Electric Ve [...]
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