Katcon diesel

Katcon Global S.A., major Chinese and international stakeholders of the automotive, diesel, lubricant and AdBlue industry, and other Chinese Officials met at the Conference & AdBlue Forum Asia 2011 from February 22nd – 24th in Beijing to discuss the current and future implications for the Chinese diesel vehicle and consequently the country’s AdBlue market. Still in its infancy, the market for SCR vehicles is expected to take off with the implementation of nationwide China IV emissions standards. Integer, an industry provider of research and conferences and host for the recent show, reported that heavy duty truck and bus production is expected to be approximately 1.1m units in 2011, increasing to 1.3M by 2017.

Presentations and panel discussions between the major Chinese OEMs and engine Manufacturers confirmed once again that SCR was the technology of choice for Chinese heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers to achieve NOx emission reductions.

The potential delay in implementation of China IV standards was a core issue of discussion throughout the conference. The general consensus on the implementation date for China IV was January 2012, although skeptics were expecting further delays in the implementation due to ongoing problems with supply of low-sulphur diesel. The country currently has limited national availability of China III diesel (350ppm of sulphur). For China V and VI, even lower sulphur contents down to 50ppm and 10ppm would be necessary.

Douglas Patrick, Global Sales Director at Katcon Global S. A. said, “Katcon has developed an SCR system solution, including the urea dosing control, delivery, and catalyst housing, targeted for Heavy Duty customers in China. Our products were exhibited at the Integer conference to show customers that we are ready to support their product needs as soon as the market is ready for implementation.” He went on to further explain that, “Katcon has pulled from its development experiences in Europe and North America, and thru our own product design, and strategic supplier relationships, we are able to offer Chinese Heavy Duty customers an entire system that can be implemented in a cost effective manner for their NOx control solutions.”