Katcon Global is a well-established OEM and Tier1 automotive supplier since 1993. Building on its long term tradition and success in engineering and manufacturing, and in line with its “Vision of a Clear Sky“, Katcon has decided to launch its new strategic business unit, Advanced Materials, to participate in the future of lightweight transportation.

Extrapolating and further developing their proven know-how for Automotive applications, Katcon Advanced Materials now focusses on lightweight automotive structural components and aircraft interior parts.

To help OEMs achieve the mandatory CO₂ emission targets for the following years, Katcon will produce lightweight composite components in order to decrease vehicles mass and lower fuel consumption. Katcon has invested in design and engineering capabilities with strong and experienced partners in Europe and for 2015, the lastet advanced manufacturing technologies: high pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM), injection molding and thermoforming.

The first advanced materials manufacturing plant is in Monterrey, Mexico, with easy and cost effective JIT access to North American clients and with favorable ocean freight costs to Europe and Asia.