HP-RTM: The future of lightweight composites production

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Research & Development

All Katcon Technical Centers are strategically located to provide full support to Customers while ensuring local integration and competence.

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Supplier of OEM assembly plants around the world. Our clients are satisfied with the state of the art processes and excellence in quality levels of our products, allowing us to be a supplier to the automotive industry, providing components, assemblies and systems to all different types of engines and vehicles, from gasoline to diesel, on and off road, light and heavy duty.

Production & Quality

Our quality performance has been outstanding, with an industry-low defective parts per million average.
100% of new projects on time and responsiveness on quality issues.
QS9000 certified since 1997, TS16949 certified since Q1 2006 ISO 14001 certified since 2004.

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Emission Control and Exhaust Systems Business

Katcon is a Level 3 supplier for the diesel and gasoline, light and heavy duty EMISSIONS applications, on and off road, engine and power industries, with capacity and capabilities to service customer projects from concept to production using modern analysis and design tools globally.

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Katcon is a model of modular, decentralized and lean manufacturing concepts to globally service customers.


Katcon ensures that all our products are manufactured in accordance with environmental laws, regulations and guideslines established in our Environmental Management System.


Katcon has evolved from a small facility with niche products to a larger company that handles a wide variety of products and programs, and from low volume specialized applications to large and visible programs.